Measuring inserts – assembly-free replacement and calibration of measuring equipment

Measuring inserts are temperature sensors found in the fittings of process or straight thermometers. They do not come into direct contact with the media and are spare parts that can be easily replaced without any need to disassemble the fitting. Replaceable measuring inserts help prevent production downtimes and allow measuring equipment to be safely tested, particularly in complex industrial processes. RÖSSEL-Messtechnik manufactures measuring inserts with particularly high geometric accuracy. As standardized products, our measuring inserts are also compatible with products from other manufacturers. Our measuring inserts are manufactured as resistance thermometers or thermocouples in a tube or sheathed design. They are designed for use in the standard temperature range between -100°C and +1,000°C.

  • Replaceable, even with third-party products thanks to standardization
  • High geometric accuracy
  • Available as resistance thermometers or thermocouples
  • Transducer connection possible
  • Calibratable
  • Temperature range from -100°C to +1,000°C

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As a leading manufacturer of temperature measuring technology for industrial and research purposes, we meet the strictest production standards. With internationally recognized approvals and calibrations, we offer quality you can rely on around the globe.

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