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Accessories : Seal, connect and protect your sensors

Beyond the temperature sensor itself, optimal thermometer use requires the right accessories. Accessories refer to all parts beyond the main component of the thermocouple or resistance thermometer. The main thermometer accessories include connection heads, measuring inserts, thermowells and seals as well as sensor fasteners and connectors. When used in combination, they guarantee reliable operation and reliably safe temperature measurement. To achieve this, accessories and their materials need to be precisely matched to the respective sensor. In addition to sensor production, RÖSSEL-Messtechnik specializes in developing high quality accessories: Our process-optimized sensor accessories allow our customers to improve product properties or even warranty coverage in the case of servicing.

  • Use for servicing 
  • Small quantities available 
  • Calibratable  
  • Custom special solutions
  • Expertise in technical design 

Measuring inserts

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik provides replaceable measuring inserts as resistance thermometers or thermocouples for all process thermometer fittings. Use of these products with transducers for standard signals between 4 and 20 mA further improves flexibility.

Connection heads

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik connection heads offer robust, waterproof and dustproof protection for electrical connections and transducers.

Process thermowells

Standardized thermowell fittings protect the measuring inserts and ensure safe temperature measurement and optimal processes in the chemical, petrochemical and power plant industries, among others. In addition to manufacturing according to works-standard specifications, we develop process-optimized custom designs in partnership with our customers.

Extension tubes

Extension tubes protect connecting parts and electronic components in sensors from excessive temperature stress. RÖSSEL-Messtechnik extension tubes are available as one-piece or multi-part assemblies with material certificates – as standardized works-standard specifications or custom designs.


Securely attach thermometers and fittings on surfaces, in pipes or on machines using the right fasteners. In addition to standardized factory designs, we also supply custom designs developed in partnership with our customers.


High quality seals protect sensors from process influences such as gas, pressure or chemical media. We develop and supply seals as spare parts for furnace construction and the chemical, petrochemical, power plant and automotive industries.

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