Process thermowells for a clear delineation

Process thermowells – standardized sensor thermowells for maximum process reliability

Standardized process thermowells are used as fittings or temperature sensors in many plant engineering processes. Process thermowells help separate the sensor from the process, particularly in the chemical, petrochemical and power plant industries. They protect the temperature sensor from the influences of aggressive media, high pressures and flow velocities and allow the measuring insert to be replaced during ongoing operations.

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik provides the entire range of process thermowell models as spare parts. Process thermowell designs are outlined in the DIN 43772 standard and in works-standard specifications, particularly in the chemical industry. RÖSSEL-Messtechnik also offers specially calculated and designed fittings for extreme process applications. Depending on the design, the valves are tested according to the Pressure Equipment Directive and the safety requirements of AD 2000. We also specialize in vibration calculations and testing conducted on defective thermowells by SEM (scanning electron microscope) or X-ray.

  • Standardized fittings with material test certificates
  • Fast-response versions with tapered measuring tips
  • Models compliant with the pressure equipment directive
  • Designed for thermocouples or resistance thermometers
  • Material certificates, vibration calculations, X-rays
  • Halar or Stellite coatings
  • European and American standards applicable

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