Hydrogen - energy storage of the future

Hydrogen technology

The 21st century has posed one of the biggest challenges to the energy industry to date. Key aims include effective energy generation, environmental protection, safety and affordability. Current developments in the solar industry are adequate to satisfy small-scale individual requirements, but the decentralized storage of energy is a challenge that remains to be solved.
In response, RÖSSEL-Messtechnik has partnered up with developers that specialize in hydrogen technology and other fields. This development is also driving innovation in the automotive industry.

The challenge

Sensors are subject to a diverse range of complex challenges. Hydrogen can be stored in liquid or gaseous form. In these physical state, sensor selection is generally determined by the temperature range. Until now, sensors have been manufactured to handle temperatures down to -196°C. However, hydrogen is not liquid until it reaches -253°C. At this temperature range, optimum effectiveness can be achieved with minimal safety risks. Materials used for the fitting and sensor need to be reliable under these extreme conditions. Another challenge: Interlocking connections joined using threads cannot be used at these temperatures for safety reasons. We’ve taken inspiration from our partnerships in the aerospace engineering sector to select the optimum materials.

The solution

Several metals were tested as part of our partnerships with research institutes and special stainless steel and aluminum alloys were selected for use. A negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC) in glass insulation is used as the measuring element.

The advantage

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik managed to overcome the technical hurdles. In the automotive industry, our sensors are now used in passenger cars for safety monitoring in the hydrogen tank.  In hydrogen buses and fuel cells, our sensors are used to measure the temperature of gaseous hydrogen in order to make power generation more efficient and make the systems safer for people and the environment. RÖSSEL-Messtechnik possess the required specialist knowledge and experience to select, test and install suitable sensor elements and thermowell materials in standard sensors. We are happy to share what we know with other partners who are facing similar challenges. With our sensors, we’re contributing to improving efficient power generation methods and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

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