Independent, interdisciplinary with open communications

How we work : Value-adding partnerships in industrial temperature measurement

We want to give our customers the competitive edge with expert advice and sustainable system solutions in industrial temperature measurement. Our solutions are based on comprehensive knowledge, interdisciplinary thinking and the strictest quality requirements. We work in a close trusting dialog with our customers and partners to achieve sustainable precision.

We’ll work with you to find your optimum temperature measurement solution!

Our team values:

Collaboration and cohesion

A good work environment lays the foundation for long-term success. Our team works for each other, with each other. Put simply, we support each other.


We approach things with an open mind and maintain a constant dialog to continuously expand our knowledge, experience and learn from each other.

Targeted and solution-driven

We keep our shared goal to find the best possible solution in mind with everything we do. Only in this way can we ensure we’re working towards the same thing.


You never stop learning in the face of constant technological advancement. Our expertise is fueled by our commitment to keep growing and discovering together.

The values that drive our partnerships with customers and partners:

Precision and quality

The optimum combination of state-of-the-art equipment and the strong abilities of our experienced employees shape our production processes.
We work on the basis of fixed DIN EN ISO processes, which are controlled on a regular basis. Our additional internal standards go far beyond the industry standard – guaranteeing maximum quality standards for temperature measurement. All parts built by RÖSSEL-Messtechnik are stored with serial numbers to ensure permanent traceability.

Flexibility in all areas

From product development to delivery times – we give our customers flexibility and act quickly when required. Whether you require made-to-order production or large quantities, standard sensors or custom designs, we’ll work with you to find the right solution.

An open and innovative mindset

Every innovation is an investment in the future. We use an integrated management system to promote in-house technology, knowledge and collaboration, and to expand our industry expertise and approvals in the fields of e-mobility, renewable energies and the semiconductor industry. We address existing requirements and provide future-proof solutions for our customers backed by engineering expertise and extensive practical experience.

Customer on-site consultations

In contrast to system providers, we focus on providing on-site technical consultations at the customer’s premises – no matter the project size. This allows us to get to the heart of which factors are crucial for precise measurement. We are also available to help on public holidays in highly urgent cases such as downtime.

Targeted development in dialog with our customers

From the development process to final delivery and installation, we maintain a close dialog with our customers throughout. This allows us to constantly make changes during development for the perfect result.

Lasting reliability

Our individual and high-quality production methods produce temperature sensors that work reliably for decades, depending on the technical application. That’s why we aim to conserve our knowledge of old sensors. We can test whether sensors are still working perfectly at our in-house calibration laboratory. In the event of any issues, we can trace the corresponding sensor type back over decades and repair it back to working order for its dedicated application.

Research is nothing without knowledge

We partner up with faculties, companies and corporations in long-term research projects. Our interdisciplinary engineering knowledge enables us to develop applications fit for the future. We have helped to continuously develop several products and launched them on the market.

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik – your certified partner

As a leading manufacturer of temperature measuring technology for industrial and research purposes, we meet the strictest production standards. With internationally recognized approvals and calibrations, we offer quality you can rely on around the globe.

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