Safe transmission without signal loss 

Cables and wires : Cables and wires for loss-free transmission of measurement signals

We offer a number of innovative cables and wires designed to transmit the temperature signals produced by our sensors. Just like sensors, cables need to be able to withstand mechanical, chemical and thermal influences when used in industrial plants. That’s why the right type of conductor and the right combination of insulation materials are critical when selecting cables and wires. From vibrations and explosive environments to steam pressure or high voltage: We make sure your measurement signals are transmitted without any loss. Experts at RÖSSEL-Messtechnik aren’t just there to advise you – we also develop high-quality cables tailored to your processes. We have partnered up with leading cable manufacturers and contributed our vast knowledge of special materials. Successful previous projects include, for example, the development of special cables for high-voltage applications.

  • Application-specific insulation
  • Process-optimized cable design 
  • Small quantities available 
  • Calibratable, for example ATEX  
  • Stranded or solid conductors

Thermocouple cables

Thermocouple cables are made of the same material as the corresponding sensor and reliably transmit the thermoelectric voltage to the reference junction. Insulation selected for the application at hand ensures resistance to external influences.

Compensation cable

Compensation cables have the same characteristics as thermocouple cables in a restricted temperature range but offer a more cost-effective solution. Compensation cables are the only option available for noble metal thermocouple types (S, B, R).

Copper cables

Copper cables are used to transmit the temperature-dependent resistance signal from resistance thermometers and forward the signal from transducers to the PLC.

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