Thermocouple cables for precise temperature measurement

Thermocouple cables are designed to safety transmit thermal signals in the millivolt range

Thermocouple cables compensate for temperature differences between the connection points and the reference junction without losing the thermoelectric voltage. They can also be used to interpose connecting elements (connectors). To account for their use in various industries, including power plant engineering, the steel industry or furnace construction, thermocouple cables are insulated with different materials.

Thermocouple cables are made of the same thermo material as the types of thermocouples. This guarantees reliable temperature measurement and loss-free transmission of the resulting thermoelectric voltage in the millivolt range. Compensation cables with the same thermoelectric properties as the thermocouples are the only option available for high-temperature and noble-metal thermocouples.

In order to set them apart, thermocouple cables are labeled according to the internationally valid color code laid out in IEC 60584 Part 3. All cables can be protected by braids, foils or armor. Thermocouple cables are protected against electromagnetic fields thanks to their stranded design.

  • Available as stranded and solid conductors
  • Insulation possible up to 1,200°C
  • For all standardized thermocouple types
  • Calibratable
  • High precision, no loss of thermoelectric voltage even with long insertion lengths

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