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The team at RÖSSEL-Messtechnik are experts in electrical contact thermometers. We develop and produce thermocouples and resistance thermometers, and supply system-enhancing measuring transducers, cables, plugs and other accessories for measuring temperatures.

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RÖSSEL-Messtechnik produces reliable thermocouples and resistance thermometers. But that’s not all. We keep up with the latest trends and think ahead. New technologies and more efficient manufacturing processes require increasingly powerful sensors. We develop highly specialized solutions for our customers from a wide range of industries. Our solutions make it possible to take accurate measurements under extreme process conditions: from miniature temperature sensors with a 0.15mm diameter to high-temperature sensors designed to work at temperatures over 2,000°C.
With four locations and state-of-the-art production technology, we deliver high-quality measuring technology trusted by customers around the globe.
Our priority lies in establishing a personal dialog: from the on-site consultation and custom design to long-term support – for measurable success.

We’ll work with you to find your optimum temperature measurement solution!


We supply thermocouples, resistance thermometers and measuring technology accessories with our range of over 50,000 products.


We develop and contribute to new temperature measuring methods for research, energy and industry.


From furnaces to the semiconductor industry – we produce high precision temperature sensors for industry-specific requirements.

Efficient energy storage with H₂ at -253°C? No problem!

An increasing number of industries are turning to hydrogen technology. By converting it into hydrogen, energy can be stored, transported and released in a clean and environmentally friendly way. Working with hydrogen in a safe and efficient manner all comes down to the right temperature.
RÖSSEL-Messtechnik has partnered up with experts in the field of hydrogen technology to develop innovative sensors and apparatus for generating power with reliable temperature measurement at extreme temperatures. Our sensors help advance the research and development of environmentally friendly energy systems to permanently sink carbon dioxide emissions.

Are you looking for high precision measuring technology? We’re happy to help!

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As a leading manufacturer of temperature measuring technology for industrial and research purposes, we meet the strictest production standards. With internationally recognized approvals and calibrations, we offer quality you can rely on around the globe.

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