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Automotive : Temperature measurement technology for vehicle development

We actively contribute to the development of both trucks and cars for the future of the automotive industry. RÖSSEL-Messtechnik has supplied the automotive industry with temperature sensors for several decades. We also offer measurement technology designed for hydrogen technology and e-mobility. Our products are suitable for temperature measurement on hybrid supply lines, in battery systems and on the outer casing of high-voltage components. Acid, oil and fuel-resistant thermocouples and resistance thermometers are just as important in the automotive industry.
Rely on our expert advice along the entire production chain. With a wide range of products, custom sensor design and flexible manufacturing in small and large quantities, we are the optimum partner for your requirements.

  • High-voltage temperature measurement in battery systems
  • Sensors compliant with Euro 7 requirements and WLTP measurement procedures
  • Acid, oil and fuel-resistant PFA and FEP insulated cables 
  • Custom sensor design
  • Flexible manufacturing in small and large quantities

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HV-TMB : High-voltage temperature measurement in battery systems

Learn more about the role of temperature measurement technology in e-mobility.

Measurement of the exhaust gas temperature

Sheathed thermocouples with flexible sheath material made of Inconel 600 are primarily used to measure the temperature of exhaust gases. This nickel-based alloy is easy to weld and solder. The resistant and flexible sheathed thermocouples can be used to precisely measure the temperature in the exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, fume particulate filter and turbocharger.

Surface temperature

Special thermocouples are used to measure temperatures on surfaces, depending on the type of surface. For example, thermocouples can be attached to surfaces with a weld-on plate or using adhesives as self-adhesive surface thermocouples. Thermocouples can also be spring-mounted in magnet holders. Temperature measurement on solar-heated surfaces in solariums or climate-controlled garages is also possible with black standard sensors, i.e., thermocouples and resistance thermometers with solar measuring plates.

Cooling water temperature and oil temperature

Measuring engine and transmission temperatures is crucial for reducing fuel consumption and increasing environmental friendliness and performance in automotive development. Our screw-in sensors are the ideal solution for measuring coolant and oil temperatures.

Battery systems and high-voltage components

E-mobility vehicle development involves the use of temperature sensors and sensor cables that need to satisfy special voltage requirements. Our TÜV-approved, ready-to-connect sensor cables are suitable for measuring temperatures on high-voltage components, including battery packs, external casing and hybrid supply lines. They can be connected to all industry-standard high-voltage modules, e.g., from CSM, Ipetronic, or Klaric.

Temperature measurement during braking tests

Improved braking forces paired with low wear require the development of new materials for brake pads, brake discs and brake fluids. In order measure temperatures during test drives, sensors are installed in brake pads during pre-assembly or attached directly to the brake disc with special mounting brackets.

Efficient energy storage with H₂ at -253°C? No problem!

An increasing number of industries are turning to hydrogen technology. By converting it into hydrogen, energy can be stored, transported and released in a clean and environmentally friendly way. Working with hydrogen in a safe and efficient manner all comes down to the right temperature.
RÖSSEL-Messtechnik has partnered up with experts in the field of hydrogen technology to develop innovative sensors and apparatus for generating power with reliable temperature measurement at extreme temperatures. Our sensors help advance the research and development of environmentally friendly energy systems to permanently sink carbon dioxide emissions.

User-friendly high-voltage sensors for e-mobility and battery systems

One of our customers in the e-mobility sector required a touch-safe temperature measurement solution able to withstand the high operating voltages in modern battery systems and designed for flexible use throughout the vehicle. Standard measurement technology simply isn’t capable of achieving this. Working in close collaboration with the customer, RÖSSEL-Messtechnik developed high-quality thermocouple connection cables for use on high-voltage components. Our touch-proof high-voltage sensors, TÜV SÜD tested according to DIN EN 61010, are now used by almost virtually every e-vehicle manufacturer and battery system development company.

Miniature piston sensors save almost €10,000 in downtime costs

A customer reached out to us asking for piston sensors that meet special requirements to measure temperatures in car pistons during operation. Similar products they had tried to date repeatedly failed and led to costly test cancellations. RÖSSEL-Messtechnik was able to significantly reduce the customer’s failure rate during engine use by producing high-quality miniature sheathed thermocouples with a diameter of 0.5mm and X-ray documentation for each sensors.

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik – your certified partner

As a leading manufacturer of temperature measuring technology for industrial and research purposes, we meet the strictest production standards. With internationally recognized approvals and calibrations, we offer quality you can rely on around the globe.

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