Multi-point resistance thermometer: Up to 100 measuring points in one pipe

Multi-point resistance thermometer – accurate temperature monitoring with profile measurement (profile RTD)

Multi-point resistance thermometers (profile-RTD, i.e., resistance temperature detectors) are used to measure temperature profiles in furnaces, pipes and various ducts. With multi-point resistance thermometers, several measuring resistors or measuring inserts are placed in a thermowell and connected using connecting cables. This makes it possible to create a temperature profile of several measuring points at the same time using only one thermometer. RÖSSEL-Messtechnik is one of the leading manufacturers of multi-point resistance thermometers. We offer models with up to 100 measuring points in one thermowell. The distance between the resistors (measuring points) can be adjusted. The thermowells are suitable for straight resistance thermometers, sheathed resistance thermometers and process resistance thermometers.

  • Application range from -50°C to +600°C
  • Thermowells made from heat-resistant materials
  • Replaceable measuring insert
  • Small installation space for multi-point measurement
  • Connection as average value probe possible 
  • Custom special solutions

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