Sheathed resistance thermometers for accurate measurement

Sheathed resistance thermometers – high flexibility and quick response times 

Sheathed resistance thermometers are the ideal add-on for sheathed thermocouples that have proven themselves over many years and are designed for use at temperatures between -200°C and +850°C. Thanks to their sheath, they combine the accuracy of resistance thermometers with the flexibility of flexible thermocouples.
Sheathed resistance thermometers manufactured by RÖSSEL-Messtechnik are extremely robust, pressure-resistant, mechanically stable and vibration-resistant. Due to their small diameter, they offer very short response times and are suitable for hard-to-reach, winding spots and narrow openings. Sheathed resistance thermometers are suitable for temperature monitoring and process control. They measure thermal conditions in gaseous and liquid media, on solid surfaces as well as in tanks, pipes, apparatus and machines.

  • Rapid response times at diameters < 1.5mm
  • Particularly shockproof
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Chemical resistance
  • Application range from -200°C to +850°C
  • High precision up to 1/10 DIN

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