Straight resistance thermometers: Innovative sensor protection

Straight resistance thermometers – high protection and precise process measurement

In straight resistance thermometers, the resistor is fitted in an replaceable measuring insert and surrounded by a protective fitting. Straight resistance thermometers are particularly suitable for measuring temperatures in gases, vapors or liquids within pressurized pipes or tanks. The thermowell protects the sensor against aggressive media and abrasion. In addition to DIN thermowells for straight resistance thermometers, custom designs tailored to your individual requirements are also available. By selecting suitable thermowell materials, RÖSSEL-Messtechnik adapts the thermometers to your specific process conditions. The thermometers are connected to electricity in a connection head, which can be designed with various degrees of protection. The process connection takes place using a stop flange or a gas-tight threaded sleeve.

The replaceable measuring inserts make it possible to check, recalibrate and service our straight resistance thermometers without dismantling the fitting – a real advantage for seamless processes!

  • Application range up to +600°C
  • Heat-resistance, pressure-tight and gas-tight
  • Replaceable measuring insert
  • Variable, custom process connection
  • Custom special solutions

Do you require straight resistance thermometers? We’ve got the optimum solution!

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