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Seminars and training : Seminars and training on how to use thermometers

The correct use of temperature sensors is crucial to obtaining precise measurements in all industries. First and foremost, it’s important that users understand and apply the theory behind the measuring processes. We help your team learn how to use thermometers correctly with practical training. Benefit from improved processes, reliable measurement results and increased employee satisfaction. Training is available on-site and in the form of practical demonstrations at our production facilities. Thanks to our active involvement in the DKE (German Commission for Electrotechnical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE) in the field of K961 and DIN, we’re active shaping Germany’s national standards (DIN), European standards (EN) and international standards (IEC). We contribute our specialist knowledge in committees for general standards.
We are happy to share our knowledge on the latest developments and clarifications for standards relevant to temperature measurement with everyone.

  • DIN EN IEC 60751
  • DIN EN IEC 60584
  • DIN EN IEC 62828-3
  • DIN EN 61515
  • On-site training with documents for your team
  • Adapted to custom processes
  • Certificates provided
  • Training on the latest standards

Training on how to use temperature sensors

Your team is likely constantly up against new challenges due to the rapid pace of advancements in modern measuring, testing and automation technology. Take advantage of our professional expertise to tackle these challenges head on with confidence. Our introductory seminar on measuring temperatures with thermocouples and resistance thermometers covers the following points:

  • Electric temperature measurement
  • The term temperature
  • Temperature sensors
  • Thermocouples
  • Types of thermocouples
  • Aging, drift, contamination
  • Resistance thermometers
  • Switch types
  • Types of resistance thermometers
  • Drift, hysteresis and other factors

Training on the latest standards

Standards are regularly updated to stay in line with the latest technical advancements. We consider it our job to communicate these standards to our customers.

  • DIN EN IEC 60751
  • DIN EN IEC 60584
  • DIN EN 61515

Training on how to calibrate temperature sensors

Following the right procedure when calibrating temperature sensors is crucial. Proper calibration requires comprehensive knowledge on measuring technology, calibration and measurement inaccuracy. We offer training on the following topics:

  • Physical conditions
  • Resolution, hysteresis and other factors
  • Application-specific aspects
  • Measuring technology aspects
  • Introduction to statistics
  • Measurement setup
  • Analyzing measurement inaccuracy
  • Measurement inaccuracy allowance
  • Examples of measurement inaccuracy allowances

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