25% production increase – discover how bolometer strips are driving solar energy forward

Solutions : The bolometer strip – a proven measuring principle reimagined

Coating processes are an integral aspect of producing solar modules and semiconductors, to name but two examples. Demand for these products is growing exponentially, putting the furnace construction industry under pressure to optimize the manufacturing process and increase production capacities. This requires precise temperature measurement data for the products to be coated – not a simple task for larger areas.

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik has reinvented a classic measuring system with the bolometer – an innovative solution to the current issues faced in furnace construction.

  • Improved product quality thanks to more precise process data
  • Lower investment costs
  • 25% production quantity increase
  • Suitable for other production lines 
  • A proven measuring principle reimagined

The challenge

The furnace construction industry needs to find a way to increase production output with minimal effort. Coating processes could be optimized with precise temperature measurement data. Something which is easier said than done. Measuring using individual measuring points is a complicated endeavor that often fails to yield adequate results, particularly when coating panes or foils with solar materials, for example.

The solution

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik has partnered up with a Dresden-based engineering firm to develop a bolometer strip that can be used to measure the core temperature of materials to be coated in a plasma costing process. The strip features integrated heating elements, thermocouples and a control that sends signals to the furnace control. The bolometer principle provides the basis for the strip. An internal film with an integrated thermometer is fitted to the strip, making it possible to determine the core temperature of the material to be coated using a mathematical model.

The advantage

A total of 8 bolometers are arranged over a length of 2 meters. Installing several measurement systems has significantly improved product quality. After only a few structural changes, the additional process data led to a 25% increase in production output.

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