E-mobility – demanding challenges for sensors

Solutions : High-voltage sensors up to 6 kV DC designed to take measurements in battery systems and high-voltage components found in electric vehicles

The automotive industry is currently in the midst of a transformative revolution in terms of drive technology. Electric vehicles are replacing combustion engine vehicles as the solution of the future. E-vehicles fundamentally differ from combustion engines when it comes to the drive train.

High-performance batteries for e-vehicles need to meet the high requirements placed on the materials used to make them. The need to facilitate quick charging with high currents, large capacities for long ranges when driving and feeding power to other components in the vehicle is pushing battery systems and their components to the limits. To add to this, a large amount of the power supply is converted into heat, which then needs to be detected, controlled and regulated.

Regular thermocouples, both sheathed and single-insulated, simply aren’t able to meet the voltage tolerance requirements. RÖSSEL-Messtechnik offers ready-to-connect thermocouple connection cables for measuring temperatures on high-voltage components used in e-mobility.

  • Insulation value analysis from 5 kV AC or 6 kV DC
  • Temperatures up to 300 °C
  • Up to 3,000 operating hours at 150 °C
  • Ready-to-connect and compatible
  • High dielectric strength and oil resistance

The challenge

Electric vehicles currently solely rely on lithium-ion batteries for power due to their long service life and high energy density. Each battery pack contains thousands of lithium ion cells.

Developing state-of-the-art battery systems and handling the related high operating voltages involves the use of special measurement modules to ensure the strict safety requirements are met. Only components that correspond to at least three times the operating voltage level are permitted when measuring temperatures in the high-voltage range to ensure the safety of the operator.

Standard thermocouples, sheathed thermocouples and insulated thermocouples fail to meet the voltage safety requirements.

The solution

Together with its partners from the worlds of industry and research, RÖSSEL-Messtechnik has come up with the ideal solution for series production. We offer ready-to-connect thermocouple connection cables for measuring temperatures on high-voltage components used in the e-mobility sector and battery system development.

The specially developed insulation provides high protection against the contact voltage while maintaining the flexibility of the cable. The special manufacturing methods employed to make the sensor permit battery temperature measurements up to 300°C. In addition, the thermowell of the sensor cable is resistant to aggressive thermo oils.

Each sensor is tested in a high-voltage sphere bath and subsequently receives a test certificate. At our locations, insulation value tests can be carried out up to 5 kV AC or 6 kV DC, as well as a breakdown test up to 15 kV for further high-voltage testing.

The advantage

Our high-voltage cables approved by TÜV-SÜD in accordance with DIN EN 61010 can be directly connected to all high-voltage measurement modules, offering user-friendly sensors for taking measurement within and outside battery components. With premium, functional insulation, our high-voltage thermocouples and high-voltage Pt100 guarantee safe protection against high-voltages for people and measurement modules. RÖSSEL-Messtechnik high-voltage cables can be laid with flexibility and are even suitable for small bend radii. Operational stability is guaranteed for up to 3,000 operating hours at a constant temperature of 150°C.

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