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Solutions : Calibratable multi-point thermometers with thermowells

Multi-point thermometers [link to products] are often used with additional thermowells in plant engineering, in the chemical industry and for miniplants. Thermowells protect the sensor against influences from the process environment, including abrasive media, heat or pressure. It isn’t possible to accurately pinpoint the position of the measuring points, which is crucial for calibration, using metal or ceramic thermowells. Removable thermowells offer a solution to this issue.
RÖSSEL-Messtechnik has developed multi-point measuring inserts that make it possible to replace and calibrate multi-point thermocouples in accordance with DAkkS guidelines [link Services > Calibration], extending the life of your sensors.

  • Replaceable, calibratable measuring inserts
  • For multi-point resistance thermometers with thermowells
  • For multi-point thermometers with thermowells
  • DAkkS calibration from one provider
  • Extend the life of your sensors

The challenge

When using an additional thermowell, it isn’t possible to determine the points accurately to approx. +/-2mm with multi-point thermocouples. This leads to a higher number of measurement errors or inaccuracy. Calibrating sensor measuring points in a multi-point thermometer is also not beneficial due to the many different models available.

The solution

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik a uses special miniaturized connection technique for thermowells to produce replaceable measuring inserts [link Product/Accessories/Measuring Inserts]. These measuring inserts make it possible to calibrate the thermometer broken down into individual parts. Measuring inaccuracy is reduced as a result and the lifespan of sensors can be extended.

The advantage

Our customers can benefit from reliable measuring results for sensitive processes with our replaceable measuring inserts designed for multi-point thermocouples with thermowells. The multi-point thermocouples are optimally protected, can be individual calibrated and used over longer periods. Easy-to-replace, they reduce system downtime and, in turn, save costs.
Multi-point thermocouples are professionally calibrated at our independent, DAkkS accredited calibration laboratory CENTROCAL. Our free noble metal management service [link Services/Technical Documentation] allows our customers to benefit from seamless processes and focus on their main responsibilities. Calibration is also possible in inert atmospheres – a unique selling point for our services.

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