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Temperature sensors are made of consumable materials. They need to be calibrated and replaced on a regular basis. The issue: Each time a system needs to go into downtime to replace a thermometer, the operator loses money.

To put an end to these sunk costs, RÖSSEL-Messtechnik has developed a way to extend the service life of sensors and adapt them to the routine maintenance intervals for the corresponding systems.

This requires extremely detailed knowledge of materials and decades of practical experience, as the actual behavior of materials is often only revealed when they are in use.

In order to optimize the materials selection process for our sensors, RÖSSEL-Messtechnik has created a special materials database filled with knowledge from real-life applications that expands on a daily basis.

  • Process-optimized materials selection
  • Manufacturer-independent material knowledge
  • Verified, calibratable material combinations
  • Fast delivery thanks to regional partners

The challenge

All downtime required to replace a thermometer incurs additional costs for the system operator. The challenge lies in developing and using wear-resistant materials to extend the service life of the sensors.

But that’s not all. Many systems require the service life of the temperature sensors to correspond to the machine’s maintenance cycles. However, as maintenance cycles tend to be process-dependent for each machine, the sensors need to be designed for the corresponding process.

Optimal results can only be achieved by selecting suitable materials for thermowells and ensuring wear resistance. Importantly, it needs to be ensured that the modified thermowell materials do not influence the measurement results from the temperature measuring or the measurement taking process. Modifications are often made to systems that have been in use for several decades.

The solution

The key to selecting the optimum material lies in the details. In response, RÖSSEL-Messtechnik maintains an extensive database of materials and material combinations to account for all kinds of operating conditions. We manufacture materials and material combinations in cooperation with our partners and research institutes in the region, whose findings and manufacturing data are recorded with detailed documentation. Our customers’ on-site operating conditions are primarily assessed and carefully documented by our sales reps – together with the results. Equipped with this knowledge, we can select materials on the basis of sound scientific theories and verify materials with practical testing. Our customers therefore benefit from exclusive in-depth knowledge on their materials.

The advantage

Our materials database provides the fundamental basis for researching and developing new sensors and material combinations. It enables us to offer productive consultations and process-optimized temperature measuring technology to our customers. We employ in-depth and carefully documented knowledge to develop innovative solutions for our customers, including for special applications. Our knowledge improves with every use of our sensors.

Our close partnerships with local manufacturing partners and research institutes guarantee fast delivery, including for custom products.

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