High-temperature thermocouples tailored to your individual requirements

High-temperature thermocouples – temperature measurement up to over 2,000°C with replaceable thermowell

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik offers specially developed high-temperature thermocouples for use in temperatures above 2,000°C or in highly corrosive and/or reducing atmospheres. They are widely used in the aerospace industry, research laboratories, crystal growing and furnace construction. We select the optimum thermowell materials, thermocouple combinations and insulating materials for the different areas of application.
Our high-temperature thermocouples optionally consist of platinum, tungsten rhenium or other thermocouple combinations. To account for the high temperatures combined with oxygen-reduced inert gas atmospheres and vacuum or high-vacuum environments, we use thermowells made from special alloys such as molybdenum or tantalum for our high-temperature thermocouples. Due to the high requirements placed on thermocouples in terms of temperature resistance, durability and vacuum tightness, these models are often an inseparable unit consisting of a thermowell, insulation material, thermocouple and connection technology. In addition to the above closed models, RÖSSEL-Messtechnik also supplies innovative high-temperature thermocouples with replaceable thermowells. Rely on our expertise in materials and treatment processes to learn more about special designs and potential applications.

  • For oxidizing, reducing and inert gas atmospheres
  • Pressure and vacuum-tight versions available in a range of models
  • Also available as multi-point thermocouples
  • Custom designs
  • Replaceable thermowells
  • Various high-temperature materials in stock for thermowells, insulation and thermocouples

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