Flexible sheathed thermocouples for extreme conditions

Sheathed thermocouples – high flexibility and quick response times

Sheathed thermocouples are thermocouples protected by compact insulation and a metal sheath. Thanks to their durability and easy handling, sheathed thermocouples are used in many industrial sectors. With a bendable design, sheathed thermocouples can also be used where flexibility is required in inaccessible places. RÖSSEL-Messtechnik can reduce the diameter of sheathed thermocouples down to 0.15mm, enabling rapid response times and extra flexibility.

Our standard sheathed thermocouples are designed for use in temperatures between -40°C and +1,200°C. Sheathed thermocouples can also be used at temperatures down to -196°C and up to approx. +1,400°C for special applications. We design and produce corresponding special models based on our vast materials expertise for guaranteed perfect manufacturing quality.
RÖSSEL-Messtechnik produces several models for sheathed thermocouples (diameters from 0.15mm to 12mm) in a number of different thermocouple types (e.g., type K, N, J, T, S, R and B). We are happy to work together with you to develop a model to suit your application in a personal consultation.

  • Excellent bending properties (reversible)
  • Electrically isolated – even for small diameters
  • Rapid response times thanks to vacuum design
  • Pressure-tight, vacuum-tight and resistant to vibrations
  • Suitable for explosive areas from 2.0mm up
  • Custom sensors

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What does a sheathed thermocouple include?

Sheathed thermocouples consist of a pair of thermowires. The thermowires are embedded in compact insulation made from high-purity magnesium oxide enveloped in a metal sheath made from nickel chromium iron alloy or stainless steel. The compact insulation fixes the wires completely so that they cannot be damaged by vibration or strong bending. Short circuits between the wires, or between the wires and the metal sheath are therefore virtually impossible.

Types of thermocouples for sheathed thermocouples

Type K (NiCr / Ni) and type N (NiCrSil / NiSil) according to EN 60584 (DIN EN 61515) are typically used for sheathed thermocouples. Also widely used are the types T (Cu / CuNi) or J (Fe / CuNi) and, at higher temperatures, the precious metal types S, R, and B, each based on platinum-rhodium alloys.

RÖSSEL-Messtechnik – your certified partner

As a leading manufacturer of temperature measuring technology for industrial and research purposes, we meet the strictest production standards. With internationally recognized approvals and calibrations, we offer quality you can rely on around the globe.

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