Workshops and Know-How

Know-How of Temperature

CENTROCAL as a advising center, testing laboratory and calibration center for temperature technology introduces its Know-How and long experience of client service. The whole range of important topics is discussed practically and clearly, next to the users.

Customer-specific seminars, also off-site, can be widely suggested and designed as required.


The basis of temperature measurement through contact thermometer

“Be running on the top” is indispensable to the measuring, testing and automation technologies nowadays. Every day the tremendous progress in the technological development brings new challenges to us. Modern quality management systems according to ISO 9000 – Ranks are based on the qualification and competence of employees.

At the moment we suggest two different types of seminars:

Workshop 1

Electrical temperature measuring

The temperature concept

Temperature sensors


Configurations of thermocouples

Ageing, Drift, Contamination

Resistance Thermometers

Switching mode

Configurations of resistance thermometers

Drift, Hysteresis & Co

Workshop 2

Physical facts

Dissolution, Hysteresis & Co

Application technological aspects

Measurement technological aspects

Basics of statistics

Measuring construction

Analysis of measurement uncertainty

Budget of measurement uncertainty

Examples of measurement uncertainty budget



Departments: Planning, Operation, Service, Quality management, laboratory, testing field


Laboratory, testing field, quality management In case the further information about seminars is required, you can simply download our Flyer, print it out and send it away.