Extension Pipes for protection tube form 4

Extension pipes form 4 as defined by standard DIN 43 722 are screwed to the protection tube form 4. They are a component of screw-in thermometers.

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The ordering code of this product is composed of the component name, diameter, wall thickness, extension pipe length, total length, pipe screw joint, screw-in thread and material number.

Example: Extension pipe

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Extension Tubes Form 4

Total length
M in mm
Extension pipe
length in mm
thread N
Pipe screw joint
(SW 24)
Outer diameter
F1 in mm
Inner diameter
d1 in mm
165 140 M14x1,5/SW 17 M24 x 1,5 11 7
165 140 M18x1,5/SW 24 M24 x 1,5 14 9