High Temperature Thermocouples

ROESSEL high temperature thermocouples are manufactured for temperatures up to 2000 °C.

To a large extent these thermocouples are used in aeronautics, research laboratories and in industry.

For the various areas of application suitable sheath materials, thermocouple combinations and insulation materials are available.

Only the precious-metal types S, R and B are standardized internationally in IEC 584-1 / DIN EN 60584-1. Type V is described in ASTM E 1751, types AA, C and D in ASTM E 988 and type A in GOST 858. In the revised version of IEC 584-1 (IEC 60584-1), which is available as a draft, the inclusion of types A and D (AE) is planned.


For the manufacturing of the measuring tips and protective armatures new technologies had to be developped in some cases, as the strain at very high temperatures is quite considerable due to various factors.Only materials suitable and specially tested for these applications are used. The useability of the various materials depends mainly on the environmental conditions.

 High Temperature Thermocouples

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