Helium leak test service

Among its continuous services RÖSSEL-Messtechnik offers a new one in order to support their clients.    

The tightness of construction elements or equipment depends on the purpose they suit and on the leakiness allowed with it. There is no absolute tightness. A component is considered to be technically tight, in case if the leakiness remains under the limit fixed for this component.   

In order to grasp the leakiness quantitatively, the term „leak rate“ was introduced (as symbol “gL”). For the vacuum technology, the leak rate unit was determined as (mbar*L)/s. The leak rate value is 1 mbar*L/s if in a vacuum - reservoir with a volume of 1 Litre the pressure rises in 1 Second about 1 mbar or in a pressure – reservoir it drops about 1 mbar. The leak rates which are permissible in practice (from agreed 100 (mbar*L)/s up to < 10-11 (mbar*L)/s require the use of different tightness test methods and tightness test apparatuses.  

In addition to the establishment of entire leakiness, the leak locating is of a most interest so that a leak can be removed purposefully and opportunely. Using the introduced leak detectors, you can not only find a leak purposefully but also examine the entire leak rate of the test object.  

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