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an overview about the products which RÖSSEL-Messtechnik produce


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Betreft onze eigen meetomvormer/transmitter lijn RT

Doordat sommige elektronische componenten niet meer of moeilijk verkrijgbaar zijn op de wereldmarkt is besloten om de eventuele meerkosten die ontstaan door het toepassen van nieuwe alternatieve componenten niet door te berekenen aan onze klanten.



 PI 125 Connecting Cables

Connecting Cables for thermocouples and resistance thermometers


High-Temperature Thermocoupleszoom

PI 160 High-Temperature Thermocouples

For temperatures up to 2000 °C and higher or for highly corrosive and/or reducing atmospheres we supply specially developped high-temperature thermocouples.


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PI 170 Mineral-Insulated Resistance Thermometers

Mineral-Insulated Metal-Sheathed Resistance Thermometer Detectors (MIMS RTD’s) supplement the Mineral-Insulated Metal-Sheathed Thermocoup les (MIMS TC´s), which are tested and approved over many years. MIMS RTD´s can be applied for temperatures from -100 °C up to +550 °C. They combine the advantages of the MIMS RTD´s with tho se of the bendable mineral-insulated metal-shea thed thermocouples.


PI 171 Mineral-Insulated Thermocouples zoom

PI 171 Mineral-Insulated Thermocouples

Mineral-Insulated Metal-Sheathed (MIMS) thermocouples were successfully introduced many years ago into temperature measurement technology. The standard versions are mainly used in the range between -270 °C and +1200 °C. They combine the advantages of high flexibility and easy handling in an extremely wide temperature range.


Straight Thermocoupleszoom

PI 172 Straight Thermocouples 

acc. to EN 50 446 (DIN 43 733) for use in harsh industrial environments  

In numerous branches of industry heat-treatment and combustion processes play a decisive role during
production and in the quality of the final product. These applications have one thing in common:
Due to the high temperatures thermocouples are almost always used. Besides the non-precious-metal containing
ones, mainly types E, J or L, K and N, platinum thermocouples types S, R or B are increasingly being


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PI 173 Miniature Resistance Thermometer

Sheath diameter 1.0 mm or with measuring tip 1.0 mm Ø or reinforced to 1.2 mm Ø. Measuring resistor in wire-wound or flat-form version. Hard-wired connecting cable, FEP- (TEFLON) insulated. True four-wire circuitry ex measuring resistor circuitry.


Thermometer Protection Tubes and Extension Pipeszoom

Thermometer Protection Tubes and Extension Pipes

The following illustrations show the different designs and forms. The forms in italics correspond to the withdrawn standard DIN 43 763.


Metal-Protected Measuring Insertszoom

PI 176 Metal-Protected Measuring Inserts

The following table shows in comparison the different types of measuring inserts. They are designed based on the presently valid version of DIN 43 735.